Monday, April 30, 2012

Long May weekend: Prague 1

When we reached Prague, the weather (to my big content) became more sunny. We were not living in a strict centre so it took us some time to walk to the old part of the city. We entred it from the Strahov hill and it was indeed a very cordial welcome from Prague. Such a view!

What does one begin with in Prague? ...

After standing up to the expectations of Radek's T-shirt we continued our tour round the city untill we were too tired to walk and got back to the hotel (more walking!).

Long May weekend: Pillnitz

The next day we set off to Prague but not directly. We passed by Pillnitz, the old garden residence of the Saxon kings near Dresden. Nowadays it's a garden with a castle and river. There were not so many people and I'd say... we flied by the place. Pillnitz is fine but let's face it - nothing compared to Prague.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long May weekend: Dresden

'What to do during the long May weekend?' - we considered a lot of options this year. We started from "a 3-capital-journey" (Wien, Budapest, Brno) but changed plans and decided for a Dresden-Prague trip.

We arrived at Dresden around midday on Sunday. The city was badly demolished during the allies bombing in the IIWW but now it's not so apparent, since a lot of monuments were rebuilt. We started our trip from die Frauenkirchie - the church that was renovated just a couple of years ago and is now the sign of distruction the war left.

The church inside didn't make a huge impression on me - everything was new, rather modest. What I liked best about the buidling was the tower, and - to be more precise - the tower view.

It was windy...

Dresden has rather a small old city part, so when we came down from the tower, we just strolled around without a map. At the river side there was some kind of a race accompanied by a festivity. From what I noticed, 'festivity' in Germany is understood as drinking beer, eating Bratwurst and listening to German folc music. That's I guess what we call "local charm".

When we decided we were done with the city tour, we went to the hotel and came back to Dresden in the evening to have a bite (no, we didn't take Bratwurst). As always, the cities in the sunset are never the same as in the day light.