Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Skiing in Harrachov

Now when we no longer live close to the mountains we really miss all mountains activities. So when I heard that our friends were going skiing this winter I joined them right away.
We went to the closest skiing resort possible - in the Czech city of Harrachov that is "just" 400 km from Szczecin.

First day after arrival we went to see the city of Harrachov and enjoy the famous Czech beer. We found Harrachov local brewery located in the same building as the glass foundry where you can watch glass craftsmen making beautiful glass while drinking beer and eating "Knedliczki".

The next morning we headed directly to ski slopes where my friends joined ski school and I checked out my skiing skills to find out that I did not forget anything from the last year. Unfortunately there where just two slopes in Harrachov. Quite few when compering to the Alps resorts but it was OK for the morning skiing and later we went to enjoy more Czech cuisines and beer.  

The next days we spent on skiing and some other tourist activities like visiting Szklarska Poręba, walking up the ski jumping hill, drinking more beer etc. Unfortunately I needed to get home faster than I planned but after all Harrachov was a good trip for a longer weekend. 

And a video: