Sunday, March 27, 2016

Back on a trail

I guess it's time for me to come out to the world and to announce we're expecting baby #2. A baby girl this time. This is why it has been relatively little traffic on my blog lately. I had some problems with the pregnancy and for 6 weeks I had to stay at home and couldn't do any activity. Well, whoever knows me can imagine what it meant for me. At some point I just couldn't bear it anymore and when I got better I took the first occasion to associate with the wildlife.

There are a couple of wild forests and lakes around Szczecin - we still have lots to explore. Today we went to a place we both knew - Binowo lake. I have to say, it was the perfect choice. It was secluded (you can't believe the crowds in parks in Szczecin on that day!) and beautiful. It was the first real spring day and the walk was simply adorable. Wojtek also had lots of fun digging in the earth with sticks and throwing stones in the water. And for me.. I really don't know if I changed or what but I simply don't feel well in civilization any more. I promise myself to do such getaway into wildlife excursions every week if the weather and my condition permit. I feel like my cup has filled again.

Happy Easter!

Those lovely colourful ones were made by Wojtek :)
Have a peaceful time this Easter!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Discovering Poland and Czech in winter

I really didn't have much occasion for photo taking this winter and the ones I took I already showed on a blog but to satisfy the tradition have a look at this scarce collection that hasn't yet been published.



Saturday, March 5, 2016

Włóczykij Extreme Trip

For the last few years we've been wanting to join our friends in Włóczykij Extreme Trip - a night orienteering run for 50 km that takes place between February and March. Unfortunately for the last 3 years we were far away from Gryfino where this event is placed. But the waiting is over (at least for Radek, because I couldn't join this year either) and Radek had a chance to test his stamina and orienteering skills against this epic track.

The run starts at 17:00 and Radek went on track with a group of  friends. For the next 12 hours they walked almost 60 km on hills and in the river valley around Gryfino. It got dark quickly (so not to much photos) but with help of other competitors they were able to find all(!) check points and when the sun rose they reached the finish line within the given time.

This was the first time when our friends managed this race so well and Radek was really happy to be part of it. And you can imagine me being sooo proud of my husband! I followed his route on Endomendo. It's such a pity I couldn't join :( They scored above average and finished the race on 133 out of 286 places.

MscNrPKczas łącznyp.karne z czasustartmetaczas trasyczas stopustop wejściestop wyjściepunkty
133163MałeckiMichał17012:29016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:1813:080:3916-03-05 23:2916-03-06 0:08170
185OreckiRadosław17012:29016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:1813:080:3916-03-05 23:2916-03-06 0:08170
211PorzychZbigniew17012:29016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:1813:080:3916-03-05 23:2916-03-06 0:08170
263StaszewskiTomasz17012:29016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:1813:080:3916-03-05 23:2916-03-06 0:08170
13740DaniłowiczDorota17012:30016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:1813:080:3816-03-05 23:3116-03-06 0:09170
292TomaszewskiMariusz17012:30016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:1813:080:3816-03-05 23:3116-03-06 0:09170
171MielnickiTomasz17012:30016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:4013:301:0016-03-05 22:3616-03-06 0:15170
179NiczyjPatryk17012:30016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:4013:301:0016-03-05 22:3616-03-06 0:15170
245SobczykEdward17012:30016-03-05 17:1016-03-06 6:4013:301:0016-03-05 22:3616-03-06 0:15170

And here's what Radek has to say:
"To summarize the last few hours and kilometers was just pure agony but after one day I rested and now I'm looking forward to thenext year."

And in the end some video from event: