Saturday, March 24, 2018

IV Bieg Krzyska Kuczyńskiego

I wrote about this race last year so I'm not going to say much. Just a promise that I will start the next year too. And Wojtek made his appearance in running too!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Włóczykij Trip Extreme 2018

Włóczykij is somehow special to us. I (Ania) have been wanting to do it for ages but always something came across my plans. Radek did it already twice (2016 and 2017) and this year it was high time for me to have a go too. I have to say, the fate didn't spare me as the conditions this year were... fierce.

This is our group on the starting point. I don't know if you can tell that from this photo but I was already freezing at that moment and the worse was yet to come. The week before the event was the coldest week in the year, the temperatures  going as low as -20 dg. C at night. Do I need to say that Włóczykij takes place at night? :) Anyway, the day of the event was slightly better and only because of that I decided to go. The temperature at night was -13 dg. C. I'm a chilly person, I'm always cold so you can imagine what such temperatures mean to me. Of course, I layered myself that day. But somehow, I put all layers and was already cold on the start. That didn't give good predictions for the night.

My photo collection from the event is very scarce. I was literally freezing. Our snot would freeze, our sweat would freeze, our water would freeze. Booze didn't freeze fortunately :) It's an orienteering trip so the idea is to find the hidden points. We found them all :) 50 km (for us it was 54 because we didn't optimize the route at times) of a walk. We started in a group but somewhere near the end Radek and I parted and continued in a faster pace. I had remorse because of that, I was feeling like we should stick in the group but I was trembling all the time, I was feeling a physical pain from the cold and needed to find a way to elevate my body temperature. And so we detached from our friends and moved on in a very very fast march. It helped.
I was pretty surprised because to be honest, physically the whole trip was not that exhausting to me. But the cold was unbearable and I felt it long after the finish. But I'm sure I'll repeat this the next year. I suppose the odds of having the same weather the next year are low. Let's hope :)

That's us on the finish! Our official result was:
Place: 50/144
Time: 11h 09 min

Sunday, February 18, 2018

RAZ love

Do you know that we're celebrating 10th wedding anniversary this July? Let the celebrations begin. Although it's only February, we're feeling like this is a special year for us. We typically don't celebrate the Valentine's Day but we found this race to be just perfect to spend some time together. The idea is that it's a couple race and the couple is tighed together with a string and the string cannot be torn during the race. It's only 5 km, so nothing too long. And lots of people put on costumes. We did too :)

Photo Credit: Dulny Photo and Borek

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bikes and drones

A short biking trip in January is a good occassion to test a drone :)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Getaway weekend in Świnoujście

This was my birthday present from Radek - a getaway weekend, without kids, with my sister, romantic seaside, a spa etc. I was super excited. I imagined myself night walks and beach running. Oh, well - it could have been so great. Instead I got sick like 5h after our arrival. So sick I actually didn't leave the hotel room until the last day when we squeezed a walk on the beach and a movie on our way back home. Well, after all it wasn't so bad.

That was arrival day and below the final hours :) I really like the seaside in autumn/winter time. Of season sea rocks!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

18. Poznań Marathon

When I'm writing the memory of this race, it's already 1.5 half year later but the emotions are still vivid. By no means this was the most extreme thing we both did in our life. But let me write the whole story.
When we came back to Poland in 2015 we were pretty fit after weekly excursions to the mountains. And we also made a plan to climb Mont Blanc the next summer. We had never run before but we both decided it would be the best way to keep our fitness level and prepare to the climb which would be very dificult in terms of needed stamina. And so we started running. I kind of immediately knew I needed the aim and kind of immediately knew this aim would be the marathon. And we both kind of immediately started to like running. But the story ended very quickly as I got pregnant with Kamila. I guess Radek didn't have the motivation to train on his own and we both stopped our preparation. 3 months after giving birth to Kamila I did my first 4 km. My legs felt like concrete but I felt exhilirated like never. I was very happy to be able to train again. And so the training began. I think it was around march that we decided we would like to enroll for Szczecin Marathon which would take place 4 months later. I reached out to Ewa Huryń who is an acknowledged runner and writes running plans and I was very serious about the preparation. Of course, from the time perspective I know I wanted it too much and pushed it too hard but sometimes heart takes over the reason. Anyway, we didn't start in Szczecin Marathon. I got an injury after the halfmarathon I did in May and had to take a break from running. So we set up the new goal - Poznań Marathon.

That's us before the start.

My preparation to this race was very poor. Radek's not perfect either but still better. It was a difficult venture for us as Kamila was still too young to leave her in Szczecin, so we took her, my mum and my sister with us. I am very grateful for the support I got from both of them along the preparation and the run itself. 
An so, we found ourselves on the starting line. Very insecure but also pretty excited. Radek was aiming for 4:00 and me for 4:30. And oh boy, how we missed those estimations :)  Together with us was our friend Marcin, who is a very experienced runner and did countless marathons already.

Long story short - we both started way too fast for our possibilities and for both of us it was not a good day for running. I'll tell the story from my perspective but I know Radek's is very similar. I guess after 7 km I already knew this wouldn't be a walk in the park and that something was not OK with me. On 10th km I had my first crisis... Halfway through, after running for 2h 15 min and having 21 km behind I simply couldn't imagine continue running... I remember that moment very clearly. I stepped over the halfway point line and I was totally devastated and wanted to end my misery. Somewhere around ~30th km I encountered my friend Karot. This was the joliest moment of the whole run! Afterwards he told me I looked like in very bad shape... Somewhere around ~33rd km I started crying. The whole time I was thinking: I can't do it anymore and it's still so bloody far to the finish line. Yet again, I got a stomach upset which only made things worse. Radek told me he was thinking to withdraw during the course... The feelings and the misery was very intense. But we both made it finally. And on the finish line our first words were: never again!

Radek's time was 4h 15min 03s and mine was 4h 45min 31s. I don't exaggerate when I say I still have thrills when I recall that race. But who cares, I could cross out "marathon" from my life bucket list.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

K2 race

The K2 race is a mountain race in Szczecin. Sounds strange? Well, let me explain. It takes place on the hills of Bukowa forest. The finish line is on the top of Gubałówka hill which is also our "ski resort" (see more here). The funny thing about this race is that you need to beat the hill twice, as the starting point is down the hill, and the finish line is on the hill. The name of the race derives from a fact that the distance is ~8611m (like K2 mountain) and that it's a hill race. Lots of fun. And seriously, I have no idea how it is possible that I'm smiling on those final metres. The uphill is devastating!

Photo credit: Dulny Photo and Radek