Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hiking: Śnieżka (1603 m)

I don't think there's a single person in Poland who doesn't know this mountain. Śnieżka is the highest peak of Karkonosze but also one of the easiest to reach. It's well known for its difficult conditions (it's always windy on top and in winter it gets pretty harsh there) but nevertheless in summer I guess it's the most crowded place in the whole Karkonosze chain. 
Well, I knew we had to hike it. Wojtek has a pillow with Snieżka, so I wanted to show him how the real mountain looks like. I went for a hike with him and Mateusz - two boys aged 4 and 5. I have to say, I wasn't sure how it would go. We did encounter a couple of setbacks... However, in the end I have to say that it was a successful day and a pleasant one too. I got to breathe the mountain air. Of course, I did feel need for more afterwards but I guess in my current situation that was the most I could get. And the boys were very brave and happy and we all reached the top!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Family trip to mountains - Karkonosze

There are two weeks in a year when our kindergarten is closed. It's a good opportunity to get out of the city and this year we decided to drive to Karkonosze mountain for a week of stay. I won't call it holidays - 3 adults (my sister, my mom and me) and 4 children aged 1-5 - yo do the maths - it doesn't add up :) It was a challenging stay of course but we tried our best to benefit from good weather, beautiful surroundings and family time. We even did a couple of excursions that I will describe in the following posts. Stay tuned :)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

RAZ Mam Marzenie - 25h run

If after reading the title of this post you think I took part in a 25-hour run - you're wrong :) not this level... yet :) The run was called a 25h run because there was a 25 h span of time you could go and run on the track. It was a charity run, so the more kilometres you did, the better. I did 10,2 but to be precise I did 16 that day (it took me 3 km to get to the starting point and another 3 to get back to home).

Photo credit - amazing Dulny Photo

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Let the new adventure begin: Triathlon Szczecin

So I decided to participate in Triathlon because I like swimming and riding a bike and as you know from previous posts - this year we also started running. I choose a middle distance from the event that  took place in our city. It was 1/4 Ironman so 950m swimming, 45 km on bike and   10,55 km run.

Our city is perfect for triathlon because of wide river just in the city center and plain roads perfect for fast biking. This is also one of only a few triathlons that take place in a big city center. Before start I was a little worried abut the water temperature but it turned out just "refreshing".

Because this was my first start in Triathlon and also longest (about 2,5h ) start I did not know what to expect and how to split my effort. So I decided to take it calmly and I was in good shape after swimming and biking. Unfortunately running track leads through four steep ascents and during midday it became quite hot so I got weaker with every kilometre.  But in the end I was satisfied with my result 02:33:54 (108/312 contestants on this distance).

Finish line:

For photo credit: I'm very sorry but I'm unable to track the authors of most of them. Some were bought from the event organizers, some were downloaded from FB, some were taken by Ania and one is by amazing Dulny Photo.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Catalonia Day 1: Travel

So, we're travelling again. Destination: Catalonia. Unfortunately, by 'we' I mean only myself and Wojtek. Ania and Kamila had to stay at home due to a little girl's chicken pox. Well, that's very unfortunate but we are going to have a gentlemen's time - father and son alone :)
We'll be staying in Platja d'Aro, north of Barcelona. Stay tuned for our adventures, we sure will have plenty :)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

MTB maraton

After so much fun that I had in last year MTB marathon in my city I decided to do a few of them this year. First one took place in the same location - at Puszcza Wkrzańska.

This year we had better weather, no rain but the same amount of mud ;-) Unfortunately due to our running training schedules I was unable to train as much as last year what was easy to see at the end of track. Luckily this year I have many fans waiting for me and cheering me up.

Now I fill like doing some swimming and road biking because my next challenge is Triathlon. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

3. Gryfiński Transgraniczny Festiwal Biegowy

Ok, it's official, we're preparing to run a marathon. I am aware we're doing it a bit in a hustle and I don't recommend it but it's our decision - we're doing it (I also consulted it with my running coach and she confirmed I could do it - so this is on...). Before a marathon (that will take place mid October) we decided to run 2 halfmarathons, one mountain run (24 km) and Radek will do a triathlon (1/4 of Ironman). I hope it will be enough for us not to die during 42 :)
Ok, but we're at the beginning of this road, it's May and we are running our first half. We both had absolutely no idea what our times would be. I wanted to run somewhere around 2h 15 min, Radek wanted to break 1h 45 min. My sister joined us and she ran a 10-km run. Our first big race, oh dear, I loved these emotions!

The route was great, the terrain is very picturesque around Gryfino. We actually crossed the border and ran by German little towns and a beautiful forest and down the river. Seriously, beautiful landscape. Of course, I don't have any photos of the surroundings, I was trying to run fast and to check myself.
As for me, I think I could do more than my final result, I just didn't know my possibilities. Radek - respect, he really gave it all. My sister had a great time too.
Have a look at the finish line:

Our final result:
Radek: 1:44:27, Place: 95 (for 289 runners)
Ania: 2:04:45, Place: 204 (28 in women's classification) (for 289 runners).
Marta:  0:53:37, Place: 224 (42 in women's classification) (for 456 runners).

I'm pretty sure we will start again the next year!

Photo credit: Dulnyphoto, Nabiegowo and our own camera.