Saturday, June 27, 2015

Passerelle de Bionnassay

Today we made a family walk in valley of Bionnassay. Five adults, three babies, 7 kilometres, 500 m elevation gain and one suspension bridge - that was the plan for today. We had lots of fun together, it's nice to be watching kids discover the beauty of nature.

There is really not that much to say about this trip. We escaped the heat (over 30 dg. in the plains) to a nice mountain breeze, we enjoyed the easy path and had lots of fun crossing the passerelle. We will soon be back in this region with Radek, but we plan to do a more challenging hike that will lead us to the glaciers that we can see in the pictures. So stay tuned!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Discovering France, Switzerland, Poland and Italy in spring

This spring was plentiful of activities for us. the weather is very good this year so we can benefit from that having 1-day trips around, we did an almost 3-week trip to Poland and went for holidays on Sardinia. here are some flashbacks from this time.


Toddler's Group Bake Sales:





Sunday, June 21, 2015

Traversing Mont Billiat (1894 m) to Pointe d'Ireuse (1890 m)

Last time I did 3 tops, today a step back as we are doing only two. But... two way more challenging than the previous ones. Now I know I will leave the area in th end of August so I have only a couple of weeks left to hike all the tops that are on my must-see list. Mont Billiat is one of them as it defeated me last year (see this post). I can never stand being defeated by a mountain and I always come back when I can to take my revenge. Just like this time.

We reached Mont Billiat very quickly, the ascent was relatively easy.

From that point true fun began. To reach Pointe d'Ireuse we needed to traverse an exposed ridge of a neighbouring hill. It was a real amusement this route. It was exposed and difficult at places but nothing too serious and we all enjoyed the walk. Sergey even decided to do some yoga (see title photo) - quite an acrobatics to me.

We were seeing this vertical wall at the end of our route and were wondering how on earth would we go past that. It turned out it was equipped with chains but that didn't help me much. My two colleagues both were taller than me and had climbing experience. They managed to climb up but I struggled a lot. At certain point I lifted my leg to reach an edging but didn't manage to raise my body and found myself hanging on the cliff having one hand on the chain and the other in Misha's hand. That was funny. I happen to have a video of this somewhat dramatic moment but I'll keep it to myself. I stayed calm and with Misha's help I managed to find a way out. Maybe it wasn't in line with climbing rules but at least I didn't hang anymore :)

That was one last adrenaline spike of the day. From this point we easily reached Pointe d'Ireuse and back to the car. Lovely day.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Col de Crozet (1474 m)

We're benefiting from nice weather and mountains just across our village... Crozet is like 10 minute drive from our place - the closest we can reach a hike starting point. Jura is nice to be explored with babies as there are no technical difficulties whatosoever and the views are rewarding. It's a pity I forgot my camera SD card so photos quality is so-so.