Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prague - revisit

Although we had visited Prague just a month earlier, we were not disappointed by the revisit. We had a chance to have a different look on the city - to visit the places we had forgotten, to stroll around not so hecticly end to delight ourselves with the fantastic weather.

We stayed in a very nice hotel in the city centre with a pleasurable view on the roof tops of the city.

When Radek finished his affairs we had the whole afternoon to walk across the city again. Radek was happy because he could take all the photo shots once again with his new camera. We didn't have any specific aim while walking, First we guided ourselves in the river direction. Beyond no doubt, it's the prettiest place of the city.

Then we moved across the bridge to the other part of Prague (is it left or right? I'm so bad at directions! Anyway, we crossed the bridges to and fro so I'm unable to track our route with details). We passed by a park with some interesting pieces of arts, peeped over a photo session of the newly weds, waved to some tourists in the ship sailing below on the water, listened to an organgrinder (heh, that's very old-school, but also very touristic). All of that done unhurriedly. It's the sense of tranquility I liked the best about that day.


Then we continued walking but in a bit more organised manner. I wanted to see the places we hadn't "checked" during our previous visit. This were the Prague's synagoge (I wish more buildings were so colourful) and the museum of sex and erotics our friends recommended to us.

As the sun started to lower, we continued wandering aimlessly.  We really were enchanted by this city and we will gladly return there for the third time.

We finished the day with a meal on the Strahov hill with a spectacular view on Prague and walked back to the car.