Sunday, October 26, 2014


We traveled to Poland from where we took off to Hamburg for a weekend where I was to become a God Mother of little Gabriel. It was a bit of a crazy stay as we arrived Saturday midday and left Sunday afternoon and had family events in between but we managed to squeeze in some sightseeing tour. I have already been to Hamburg a couple of times as a child and a teenager but forgot all of it. I wanted to come earlier but somehow never actually made it. And now I am sure I will be back as only one weekend is not enough to get to know this lovely city (whoever reads my blog from the beginning may know that I am particularly in fond of German cities).

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday walk in Nyon

Nyon is nothing new to us so I'm showing just a couple of photos from this day.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pointe de Tardevant (2501 m)

This weekend Ania planned the last hike before a trip to Poland and maybe even last in this season. She gathered a group of people and prepared for starting early Saturday. Unfortunately she got sick during night and she passed the torch to me.

We started climbing to our first destination - Lac de Tardevant (2110m) where we made a small stop for pictures.

Together with Ania we have hiked a lot this summer but we never had a perfect weather with perfect visibility. This October hike was the firs this year when for all day long there was no even a smallest cloud.  

We had the perfect view - from Mt. Blanc to Jura. Hiking with such conditions is pure pleasure, especially that even though we had full sun it was not hot.

After year of hiking I felt in Haute-Savoie Alps like in home. I was able to recognize lots of peaks around me and that feeling that I hiked lots of them was awesome ;-)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lac Blanc et Lac des Chéserys (2352 m)

I am feeling that these might be the last days to go hiking this season for me so I am trying to use the time I have. With two other colleagues I drove past Chamonix to do a must-do route (yet another one!). I know this place is very crowded in high season so I waited until autumn to visit it. There were still quite some people but nothing too bad. The surroundings were not new to me as only a couple of weeks earlier I did two routes close by.

We soon reached Aiguillette d'Argentière - two spiky tops - that started a fun scramble to the lakes through chains and ladders. It's always a very efficient way to hike because the more vertical you move the faster you get to the top. This time we moved very vertical.

When we finished the ladders section we found ourselves on a beautiful mountain plateau full of the most amazing autumn colours and a view on Mer de Glace glacier. Trully stunning.

I accidentally changed our planned route (yeah, I'm not a master of navigation) and we reached Lac des Chéserys first. I kind of thought it was our destination point so we made a pause there to have a bite and bask in the sun.

I was surprised to learn we still have some meters up to cover but I was also content to have additionals steps ahead. When we reached it,  the White Lake and it's surrounding tops were in clouds making for a mystic ambiance.

We descended through a different path but the views were more or less similar. We quickly went out of the cloud and benefited from the sun rays. Have I mentioned I love autumn in mountains?