Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wilkommen in Greifswald

I find it a bit baffling that many people (including me) tend to travel to far away places, without getting to know the obvious vicinity. I tried to figure out the reason why on earth I have never been to Mecklemburg-Vorpommern, a German region just right away the polish border (so let's say 10-15 km from my place). Frankly speaking, I failed - there's no reasonable explanation. Anyway, as long as we're alive, it's never too late to correct the mistakes. This is why I decided to travel to the nearby places in the upcoming year. Greifswald was the first choice and it just reassured me in my decision.

We went there on Sunday, maybe not the best choice of a day for travelling to Germany, but I have to say that the surrounding void in the city was somehow charming. And we were lucky anyway, because there was a pottery sale / exhibition at the marketplace, which definitely generated some life around.

The pottery sold was really quaint and (I would even say) old-school and artistic. That is why I wouldn't call the venue a sale, for me it was more of an exhibition with the possibility to buy the exhibits.

When we were done watching the pottery, we went to explore the town. Since Greifswald is rather small, we just tramped along with no specific aim. I was really entranced with the surroundings (as I always am in Germany). Everything was so neat and nice, making me feel very peaceful.

Since Greifswald is situated at the bay, we took the chance to walk along the water. The weather was exceptionally good for September and I guess at the bay the mistery of abandoned Greifswald was solved. Everyone was at the promenade by the canal, many people were sailing. What a lovely way to spend sunny Sunday.

We finished the day with having a lunch in the restaurant. It was a very nice day and it really encouraged me to travel to germany more often. A perfect end of the summer.

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