Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twilight at Miedwie Lake

We decided to spend the last Sunday of 2012 at Miedwie Lake. Since we made the decision pretty late, we were just in time for a sunset.

Miedwie is situated at the suburbs of Szczecin, yet we have never been there. Some time ago it was perfectly renovated and it shows. I mean, the subject of renovation was not the lake itself, rather everything around. As a result, there is a really nice promenade around, a lot of piers and an outdoor amphitheatre.


I found the walk pretty soothing. There were few people, water was waving tranquilly, it was calm around. We strolled on a wooden platform (we had to be cautious not to slip down to the bog aside) admiring the nature.

When we reached the amphitheatre the sun was already gone and it was getting dark. On top of that, not so far on the horizon we saw storm clouds which was not a very good prediction for us. So we just had a short glance on the birds flying over the lake and headed back to the car. After a while we got caught by the rain, hopefully we won't get sick again.

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