Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Silent night

Silent and holy night indeed... And very special to us. It's our first Christmas ever spent far away from our family members. I felt very sorry we couldn't come to Poland to celebrate these days, which to me are the most family-like and domestic out of all in the year. But the uniqueness of this Christmas is twofold... On the one hand we're far away from our home, but on the other there are three of us and there are no words to describe what it really means to us. So all in all, we are very happy.

Personally, I love Christmas. Every single element of it - starting from "Last Christmas" by Wham, then all the cooking, lovely street lights, ginger candle scents, presents packing, snow and cold... They are all ingredients for the perfect time to me. I wanted to have it all this year to be sure that I did everything I could to make this time as cosy and enjoyable as every year. And so, we had a lovely Christmas tree sparkling with red and green lights, I made a home-made lampion (which is a present to our friends who will appreciate the time and sweat I put into manufacturing it), Radek did the cooking this year and so we had barszcz z uszkami (beetroot soup with mashroom dumplings), pierogi ruskie (white cheese and potato dumplings), potato pancakes with mashroom sauce and cheese cake for dessert - all of them being traditional polish Christmas dishes. I really enjoyed the time. In the end, it's true what my beloved song says... Home is wherever I'm with you...

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