Sunday, March 9, 2014

Col de Cenise (1787 m.)

Today I went for a snowshoe hike with a couple of friends - Agnieszka and Rafał. We chose Col de Cenise (1787 m.) for our destination. It was more of a walk than a real hike - with only 500 m of elevation and the temperatures so high it felt like summer up there. In fact, there were people hiking without proper clothing, hoping to get a tan. The route lead through a beautiful valley between the mountains I am ashamed to admit I don't know names of :) We reached the cross within 90 minutes and spent there some time picnicking and enjoying the sun.

Since we still had some time and a lot of power left, we decided not to end our trip with the col. Instead we went a bit up to see what's behind the hill and then we headed towards the rocks, off the firm route. This was good choice because the surrounding became less crowded and way more wild and beautiful. Also, the snowshoes came in handy at last. It was real fun to shove through virgin snow, making almost the only footsteps around.

Our way back lead through the footsteps of the hills. We walked practically alone and needed to watch out for snow caps that formed by the wind and could easily drop causing a small avalanche that would be dangerous for us. We tried to keep away from such places although they looked really spectacular. Fortunately, we managed to take a couple of photos of such overhangs.

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