Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tour of 3 summits: Chalune - Chavasse - Haute Pointe (2116m)

Today's hike is special because I am doing not one - not two - but three different peaks. Pointe de Chalune is already known to us as Radek made a try to claim it in winter with a pair of our friends (see here). Haute Pointe was on my winter to do list but I chickened out at the very last moment and decided to go for something easier. So now - my try in summer for these mountains.

First on: Haute Pointe (1958m)

From there we wanted to traverse the ridge straight on to Pointe de Chavasse (2012m) but we were not sure if it was doable (it was - I checked later) and chose the longer route that was also on our maps.

Last on the list: Pointe de Chalune (2116 m)
The weather turned bad and we needed to race with the clouds and thunders we heard not far from us. Fortunately, we won!

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