Saturday, January 7, 2017

Winter at last! (Gubałówka)

I love winter, I really do. I think I like it better than all the other seasons. But I mean real winter, with snow, snowmen, sledging, warm coats with fur over the hood, wearing hiking shoes all the time, drinking tea with lemon, ginger and honey... I could go on like that for long but I guess there's no need. Anyway, Szczecin is a fussy place when it comes to winter. Some years you'll see one, others not particularly. Some years it will last from Christmas till April (2010 - that's you I'm talking about!) and others it will take like a few days somewhere in January. It may give us -20 dg Celsius or no frost whatsoever. So it's always a guess what's it gonna be like this year and how long it will last. That's why when winter comes to us it's a must to take advantage of it!

We went with Dorota and Bartek (my sibling-in-law) to Gubałówka. Not many people know you can actually ski in Szczecin and Gubałówka is the place for that. We never tried that (maybe this winter will be our first time?) but it is kind of a big deal to be able to go skiing in the plains that our city is situated in. There are 2 skiing routes, both around 250-300m long. And the surrounding is good for other winter activities, like sledging, cross-country skiing (off piste) or walking. We chose the last option for the day :)

There is not much to write about this walk. The paths are great and as you will see in the photos, I took a pram out there and managed not to knock it down from the hill. I mean, maybe it wasn't like the place was adapted to wheels but we made it and most of the time it was just fine. The views were great, lots of virgin snow, not many people, super fun for Wojtek. I'm pretty sure we'll do more of these walks.

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