Saturday, March 25, 2017

III Bieg Krzyśka Kuczyńskiego

OK folks, time for new challenges! Running won't substitute hiking but it is fun as well. My very first run, a mere ~5 km (it was 4.2 to be precise) but what a thrill! I was feeling like was I running a marathon not a small charity run. Anyway, this is worth mentioning - Krzysiek Kuczyński was our local high school student who died of leukemia some months before his final exams. A very sad story, especially when you take into consideration that he was to have a bone marrow transplant (he found a donor) but passed shortly before. Another thing worth mentioning - if you haven't signed up as a donor yet - please do! It's super easy, you can do it via post and it might save a life. I did it as soon as I turned 18.
Getting back to the run.... I had no idea what pace I should run and I treated it as fun - no more. I ended up running 5.18min/km which is good for me (there were two ascents on route that slowed me down). I finished 62 out of 155 contestants (it's general competition - men and women together). I am happy with this result. I will sure do some more in the future.

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