Wednesday, May 3, 2017

3. Gryfiński Transgraniczny Festiwal Biegowy

Ok, it's official, we're preparing to run a marathon. I am aware we're doing it a bit in a hustle and I don't recommend it but it's our decision - we're doing it (I also consulted it with my running coach and she confirmed I could do it - so this is on...). Before a marathon (that will take place mid October) we decided to run 2 halfmarathons, one mountain run (24 km) and Radek will do a triathlon (1/4 of Ironman). I hope it will be enough for us not to die during 42 :)
Ok, but we're at the beginning of this road, it's May and we are running our first half. We both had absolutely no idea what our times would be. I wanted to run somewhere around 2h 15 min, Radek wanted to break 1h 45 min. My sister joined us and she ran a 10-km run. Our first big race, oh dear, I loved these emotions!

The route was great, the terrain is very picturesque around Gryfino. We actually crossed the border and ran by German little towns and a beautiful forest and down the river. Seriously, beautiful landscape. Of course, I don't have any photos of the surroundings, I was trying to run fast and to check myself.
As for me, I think I could do more than my final result, I just didn't know my possibilities. Radek - respect, he really gave it all. My sister had a great time too.
Have a look at the finish line:

Our final result:
Radek: 1:44:27, Place: 95 (for 289 runners)
Ania: 2:04:45, Place: 204 (28 in women's classification) (for 289 runners).
Marta:  0:53:37, Place: 224 (42 in women's classification) (for 456 runners).

I'm pretty sure we will start again the next year!

Photo credit: Dulnyphoto, Nabiegowo and our own camera.

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