Saturday, March 16, 2013

83' Geneva Auto Salon

Today I visited 83' Auto Salon in Geneva. That was my first attraction during my stay in Geneva because weather has been preventing me from cycling and hiking. This year it was bit more crowded  then the last time in 2010. But still I was able to see all Geneva premier cars and to sit in all vehicles that I wanted. I was also warmly welcomed by Volvo Diplomatic Dealer. So let's see all the goodies.

First Geneva beauty shown for the first time was Lamborghini Veneno.  For me it was one of the two most beautiful cars in salon. Too bad that they built only three of them. Second best looking car was Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra:

There was hundreds of cars and everyone looked beautiful with a polished paint and appropriately lit.

After I had asked Volvo hostess about the prices and told her that I was from CERN, I was taken to a very nice Volvo VIP lounge where I waited for a dealer.
During the salon you are surrounded by cars not only on the ground but in the air too:

Most disappointing for me was the new Ferrari - la Ferrari - ordinary name and ordinary look, like for Ferrari ;-)

And this infotainment system looks familiar... :)

And that's all. Auto Salon see you next year!

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