Friday, March 8, 2013

Woman's Day treats

Today was the International Woman's Day. It's an occasion widely celebrated in Poland. You can meet men giving away flowers to women on the streets and tons of ladies strolling around with bouquets (tulips and roses are the most popular).

Since I work in a rather manly environment (all in all there are only ~10% of women in my company), I experienced a lot of signs of good will and friendliness.

So my treats for this day comprised of:
- flowers and chocolates from my work colleagues and family
- photo shoot organised by my employer.

Yep, you got it right! An undeniable advantage of working in a corporation is that it creates a lot of possibilities of various kind. There are budgets for different activities and employees can really benefit from that.
This year we had a marvellous occasion to participate in a video shoot for the Woman's Day. For those girls who volunteered, an additional keepsake was given. We had a professional photo session organised. I enjoyed both - video and photos.
Have a look at the results.

And the movie... Quoting from YT:
This video shows women in Tieto Poland who work on different levels in the corporate hierarchy and are responsible for different areas related to software engineering. We hope to encourage young women to choose studies and career in the fields of information technology.

This video is part of an information campaign in Poland, starting 8 March 2013, that is intended to show the diversity of possibilities for career development for women in the IT industry. 

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