Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dendrological Garden in Przelewice

This is going to be a long post...
We set out for a walk in dendrological garden in Przelewice, very close to Szczecin. I always wanted to go there but never have had a chance so far - it's a shame not to see places like that when they are only a few kilometers away from your city. Since I'm having some back aches and need to recover after surgery, walks are expedient and so - off we went.
What can I say about the place? 45 ha of terrain with a prominent garden and a newly restored residence, surrounded by ~1200 species of plants.
We started our stroll from a less populated route by turning into polish trees alley which led us to Three Ponds area. The walk was very relaxing since we were walking in a soothing shade of the trees and we were the only visitors on that path. The view was not spectacular (in the end - we are all used to the image of the polish trees) until we reached the ponds.

The ponds were lovely, with all the shades of green one could imagine. I particularly liked a zigzag footbridge that wobbled riskily under our steps. Well, no risk, no fun - if it hadn't been for the footbridge Radek wouldn't have made a fantastic frog shot (yet more shades of green to experience). After spending a while next to the water we moved along and followed the path that led us to a central meadow and pond. And that was really awesome. I don't know if the garden is designed in such a way that the flowers are in full bloom all the time, but they all were that day. Lovely.

We remembered not to feed the swan although it acted like it hadn't known the rule, leaning out towards us, counting for a piece of bread. When I thought it would be the end of a representative part of the garden, we went round the pond and it turned out it was even prettier at the other side of the water.

By that time we ran out of water and got pretty tired, so we went by the residence to have some juice and ice cream. I enjoyed the time, resting after a longer walk, so in the end they needed to rush me a bit to get up. As I did, we moved to an orangery but we hurried up a bit when inside... The temperature that day was somewhere around 33 dg. Celsius and it was way hotter and stuffier than that in the greenhouse. Imagine yourself... We finished our tour passing by the remnants of a former folwark (agricultural enterprise) with an old creamery, barns, distillery, granary and a couple of more - now shabby but still showing a spark of its former magnitude - buildings.

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