Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hiking: Le Môle (1863 m)

Today I got a bit further out of my city to climb Le Môle (1863 m). It's a nice little mountain with a spectacular panorama that stretches out both, on the Alps and on Geneva. In fact, you can see almost 360° round when you reach the top. Moreover, an ascent to Le Môle is a mild one making it a perfect mountain for the season start, or for a pleasant walk.
In the very beginning of my climbing the weather seemed a bit ominous, but these were only the remnants of the past day which was very grim with a lot of rain. However, the higher I went the more sun I could see through the clouds.

When the forest finished I reached the plains and cows herd grazing on the grass. From that moment on the route became way steeper and more difficult, but also more enjoyable since the views became magnificent.

When the steep part was finished I was left with only a couple of meters left till the peak. However, I kinda lost my way to the peak and took a neighboring mountain to be Le Môle. But, as French say, c'est pas grave. Le Môle was just 50 meters and maybe a couple of meters higher, so I don't feel like I missed anything. I rested for a while by the cross, admiring the Alps in clouds (with Mont Blanc showing oneself every now and then) and enjoying the breeze and then went down through Le Petit  Môle path.

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