Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birdies, birdies, birdies...

When visiting Dombes region, Parc des Oiseaux (Bird's Park) is an unquestionable must! I really can't express how much I liked this place. We spent almost 4 hours there and I know it could have been even longer if we had had more time. The place is pretty big and it's being expanded by new areas and new bird species. When we arrived, we headed straight to lories' aviary because it was their feeding time and we could actively participate in this. Boy, it was fun... Apart from just marvelous, colourful birds, the real amusement was to actually give them food and to be able to touch them. Radek was lucky enough to experience close encounter of a third kind with some of the birds :)

When feeding was over, we still had some time before the big event - a bird's performance organised by the park - so we just strolled around and watched different breeds.

Then, the show... We didn't know what to expect so we were quite excited before. In principle, the main idea of the show was: birds flying just centimeters from the spectators' heads. Me during the show: -Look at that! -Look at this! -WOW, look at that! - Oh, look  at this!... It was also educational because the lady was describing the birds, their habitats and habits.


When the show finished, we still had like 3/4 of the park to see. Fortunately, visiting all the aviaries was not tiring. There were few people and the path were made in such a way to make people feel being emerged in nature, rather than visiting a zoo. And so, we went past: parrots, flamings, chicks (these ones were pretty ugly, yet very cute), toucans, owls, ostriches, condors, penguins, ducks and many others I'm unable to quote... We even saw a kangaroo in an Australia-theme area of the park. Although I don't like revisiting the same places - this time I hope I will have the chance to see those marvels again.

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