Saturday, September 21, 2013

Discovering France and Switzerland

In the past weeks we went for a couple of walks around the neighborhood, so here's a collective post with the most beautiful photos from these events.

First on: vineyards in Challex:

Plateau de Solaison:
 Ornex and view on Mont Blanc:
Vesegnin and sunset over fields (and Mont Blanc again):

Somewhere up Montreux:
Saint Jean de Gonville:
Quarry near Pugny and Radek in water:

View point (on Geneva and Mont Blanc) near Gex:


Now it seems like summer is over, making way to autumn, so the next post of this kind will be less green, more pastel.


  1. I must go to France again. Thanks for these photos!

  2. It's a beautiful country indeed! I'm glad you like the photos - enjoy :)