Saturday, January 11, 2014

Short trip to Nyon

We had a short discussion with Radek concerning the destination of today's trip and Radek won choosing Nyon. This lovely little place is situated on the north side of Lac Leman, just 20 minutes' drive from our place. It has all constituents of a Lake Geneva village: nice boulevard close to the water, marina, castle and narrow streets with colourful facades. We had a nice walk around the village, covering all formerly mentioned elements in just 90 minutes.


There was a really nice panorama view from a castle terrace. It's a pity that the sky wasn't clear enough to see the other side of the shore well. Anyway, at the end of our trip the sun went below the clouds and we had a really nice yellow-orangish setting around. I mean, winter and cold is fun, but the sun is even funnier :)

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