Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowshoeing adventure begins: Le Turet (1375 m)

New Year - new adventures. We can now cross out "snowshoeing" from our to-do list. We had to take turns to be able to go on a trail, but it's OK since we had different conditions and could later compare impressions and photos.

Take "Radek":
Radek set out on his trip on Wednesday. It was way colder than the next day, so the snow was nice and neat, covering the pines and forming snow caps all over. The weather was sunny in general, however with the gaining height it got misty. Pros of mist and sun: lovely views through trees. Cons of mist and sun: no view at a viewpoint (see photo above).

Take "Ania":
Iwent out the next day, on Thursday. Weather conditions were a bit worse, it got warmer and the snow melted and got heavy and watery. There was almost no sun and I didn't do any photos from the trail (mainly because I was in hurry but also because Radek's ones would be much better). However... When I reached Le Turet bench I was struck with a beautiful view of the sunset over Jura and surprisingly clear look over Geneva to the Alps. So I would say that by the powers combined in these two days we made most out of Le Turet.

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