Sunday, June 22, 2014

Les Gorges du Fier

Can you spot an outline of faces in the photo above? Such marvels of nature can be found in Gorges du Fier - a beautiful site by the river Fier which has carved those narrow passes in the solid rock.
The footbridge is installed at a stupendous height of 25 m.

The trail started with a view over the Fier river, then through a rock portal into a narrow canyon where light reflexes extracted all different colours of the rock and water. After a while we reached "La Mer de Rochers" - the sea of boulders. We watched in terror a guy jumping to the gorge from the rocks. No, he's not a suicider (although it surely looked like he was!). At the end of the trail there was a wild beach with plenty of people bathing in sun and water. Man, why didn't we take our bathing suits? That's a reason to come back again some day!

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