Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sledging at Petit Mont Rond (1533 m)

It's already winter in mountains. Maybe not too fierce one but there's enough snow to go sledging with our baby boy. We decided to hike to a neighbouring Petit Mont Rond which was more of a walk to us. Starting from Col de la Faucille where there was snow already, we mounted our little one on a sledge and followed the now unused ski pistes.

The day turned out to be pretty favourable for our outing. Although the skies have been covered with clouds, every now and then we had a sun spell that would cover the world with a nice yellow glow.

When we reached the top we were stunned by the view. Clouds were high enough not to cover the Alps chain so we saw all of it! Spectacular.

After a while of photo taking, nature gazing and snow play, we went down on a sledge ride. It's way faster than the way up :)

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