Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekend skiing: Les Contamines and Espace Diamant

CERN ski course has come to an end so now we enjoy more freedom when it comes to skiing. On Saturday I went with a couple of colleagues to Les Contamines. It was my favourite resort of the ones I had seen but unluckily, I had really bad conditions that day. No visibility, strong wind, rather cold temperature - it was a real challenge to me to ski there. But that's not all! I had to scale the heights of my skills as my companions were way more experienced and imposed a very fast pace on the pistes. I barely managed to keep up but it all gave me lots of satisfaction and fun (combined with a bit of terror too). To make the day brimful, I went down a black slope. How cool is that? Who would have thought that 2 months ago I even didn't know how to put the skis on :)

Radek had more luck this week. He went to a new place - Espace Diamant. Beautiful weather, endless pistes, no people whatsoever, breathtaking views and a relaxing lunch break on a patio with a mountain landscape - what to want more? The resort was so big that within a day they managed to see only a small part of it. Without any doubts, we will return there.

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