Friday, March 13, 2015

Our last skiing outing this year: Espace Diamant

Our first outing together as a marriage and at the same time our last outing this year... In any case - an important day! We set off to Espace Diamant resort - one of the biggest in the area. We were both really looking forward to this day and the fact that we had had to wait for such a long time to ski together was rewarded by the most beautiful day in the mountains! The sky was cloudless and we could see as far as the horizon let us.

I really enjoyed the freedom of choice when skiing with my husband. By that I mean the freedom of routes, freedom of speed, freedom of timeline etc. Although the conditions were already so-so due to spring temperatures, it was a very nice day for us. Our lunch break was a cherry on a pie to all of that. We stopped at the most beautiful restaurant with an amazing views over the Alps. When we finished our meal at the table we moved over to sun loungers. The sun was literally frying us and it was such a blissful moment.

We were planning to go skiing again this season but due to really high temperatures, snow is not the best for skiing now and we prefer to use up our free days in a different way. But we are looking forward to the next season. Wherever we are next winter, we will find a way to ski together again.

Check out the movie we filmed during this beautiful day:

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