Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tete de Bostan (2406 m)

Our first big hike this season -Tete de Bostan. We're gaining elevations gradually, 2406 m is already pretty high up so I can't wait for the rest of the season to see if we are able to beat our record. I saw photos from Tete de Bostan on my friend's FB and immediately decided I wanna go there. I knew it would be a challenge with nearly 1400m of elevation gain but couldn't resist anyway. Especially after our previous hike that was not very satisfactory when it comes to length.

Before having challenged the mountain, as usual I checked the opinions and conditions on route. One guy wrote: "It sure is one long ridge". I seriously can't argue with that! This mountain has like 3 false summits! You think it's there, you can see your destination, you're approaching with the rest of your powers only to learn that it's not there and you have like another hundred of meters to cover. A bit annoying :) For example look at the photo below where I am pointing to what turned out not be our destination and Radek pointing to the real Tete de Bostan.

We had a very nice weather that day. The sun was frying us and we got some really nice tan despite having put factor 50 of sun block :) And the views were rewarding throughout almost all of the hike.

Final meters were tough to me but I was making a steady progress because I was curious of the vertigo-building line right before the summit (see photo below).

We were right on time on the top as soon after we did some photos the weather changed and became clouded. Going down was frustrating. We shared our route up with lots of ski tourers and every time I saw them I was envy they had skis and I didn't. I mean, I know I probably don't have enough skill to ski down such a slope but it would have made everything so much easier! I have no doubts that ski touring will become my thing soon! But for now - long and tedious way down on snowshoes.

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