Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Refuge Albert 1er (2706 m)

We're really having a proper ending of our stay near the Alps. Each hike brings us to more and more beautiful places. Theoretically, we know them all - we've seen Galcier du Tour a couple of times earlier but never in a close up like today.

Although... we were very close to resign from a todays hike and I think it was only a matter of reason that we continued. I don't know, it never happened to me earlier that I really considered turning back on a trail, but that particular day, in temperatures exceeding 35 dg. C, it felt like a real ordeal to me do these first metres up. But eventually we made it (with lots of stops) and I don't regret after all.

I love glaciers, I really do! It was worth every doubt, every moment of hesitance to reach it.

I can't believe it's over - our last hikes in this area. I have so many mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I understand that our move will bring us lots of good and that we wanted it, but on the other hand we'll be living in the plains, so far from any mountains... So sad.

Stats: Max altitude: 2706 m, elevation gain: 1240m, duration: 5h 45min, distance: 11km

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