Monday, August 17, 2015

Refuge de Tête Rousse (3167 m)

It's official, we started preparations to Mont Blanc trip. The idea hatched for a long time but now it materialized and we're very happy about this. My friend introduced us to Jacek who had the same dream and we started planning it together. So if everything goes well, next year we will set foot on the highest peak of Europe. Meanwhile... We're doing preparations. We decided to follow the Mont Blanc route as far as possible without any special gear and got as high as  Refuge de Tête Rousse - the refuge we will be staying in during our next year trip. I'm so excited! Also, it's symbolic. This will be our final hike in the area, we won't have time for anything else, so we will close the season with  Tête Rousse, and open it the next year with the same route (only extended).

As you can see, we didn't have inviting conditions, but we decided to give it a try anyway. We're all experienced in mountains and Jacek is also a runner so we weren't afraid of the challenges. We continued in a super fast pace (it was Jacek who led and he clearly was fitter than us - I guess running marathons gives you a good deal of stamina - I must try this!). So in nearly no time we reached Barrack Forrestiere from where it was already quite close to the refuge. And where the snow began.

We went past a couple of daredevils willing to claim Mont Blanc. Not the best idea taking into consideration that the Gouter Couloir was closed due to heavy rock falls and there have been a number of deaths recently. I guess some people can't argue with their call for adventure. But that's not us. We reached Tête Rousse, warmed up considerbaly there and went down to the base using the same route. Radek got stomach upset yet again so it was a bit of a challenge for him to get down but eventually he made it. We didn't see Blanc that day, but we will see it next year! Au revoir!

Stats: max elevation: 3127m, Elevation gain: 1370m, Distance: 14,3km, Time: 6h 15min (+45 min break in the refuge).

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