Saturday, April 2, 2016

Świdwie Lake

As you could read in my previous post, I'm hungry for nature and decided to have a nature trip every week. It's good for my mental and physical health, Wojtek loves it and it's educational, it brings our family together - only advantages! Today we went to see Świdwie Lake. It's pretty close from us and it's a birds and wildlife reserve with no access for tourists. But you can get a glimpse at its beauty from an observation tower. Although one can get with a car as far as the tower, we stopped a bit earlier and did a 3 km loop through forests and fields.

I really don't want to flood you with pictures but I just find them all so pretty! It's difficult for me to narrow the collection down. It's a different landscape than what we were used to in France and maybe that is why I like it so much. It's not bad at all!

The observation tower was real fun. We didn't spend much time there because our 2-year-old decided he wanted to throw pebbles in the water instead but even this while we were there was a real relaxation. And the views were fantastic.

Our way back to the car was faster as we cut through the field. The day was getting to an end it was real pleasure to walk amid the trees, grass, birds, waterholes and other nature wonders.

It was not our first time at Świdwie Lake. In 2012 we went for a bike ride there. It was even better that day as we came in just right at the sun dawn and the landscape was simply a-ma-zing! Have a look at our 2012 shot:

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