Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rügen Day 1: Hiddensee

Each year thousands of people from Poland go out for the long May weekend and - somehow last minute - we decided to be among them this year. It's definitely last chance for me to have a proper rest, soon I won't be able to travel. So we chose Rügen, a German island very close to us (like 2.5h drive). It's well known as a cyclist paradise - it sure is true. Although we didn't move by this means of transport, we cannot deny it.

We started in a small village of Schaprode where we took a water taxi to Hiddensee island. This 17-km strip of land is just the place to be on a bike, as there are no cars there and multitude of cycling paths. We visited the village of Kloster that is well known for its lighthouse and to have been the place of living of Gerhart Hauptmann (German Nobel prize winner). The weather seemed gloomy but it actually was warm.

Kloster was just lovely. Full of cyclist, sophisticated greenery, nature paths etc. I'm not particularly mobile at the moment but we decided to go off the beaten track to see the lighthouse and I really enjoyed this walk in the middle of countryside and nature.

The views were not bad either. They could have been even better if the sky had been blue but I don't complain.

The Dornsbuch lighthouse was built in 1888 and is 27,5m tall. Radek went up while I stayed with the little one on a bench breathing in this spring breeze. I would love to stay longer on the island but we had to head forward to reach our apartment on time to check in. I'm pretty sure I'll be back here some day on a bike.

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