Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rügen Day 2: Göhren and Sellin

On our second day of the stay we decided to take it really slow on Rügen island. We headed down to this small town of Göhren which is basically one of the summer resorts along the shore and we directed our steps straight to the beach where we spent a couple of hours. We were also waiting for our friends to join us so we didn't want to have too much of an action-packed day. And it was perfect. I mean, who would have guessed that I would ever like staying on a beach and doing nothing? I guess kids change a lot in our lives. Oh yes, I forgot, on our way to Göhren we stopped by in some town to have a look at Roland - the steam locomotive that is Rügen's attraction. I think I've never seen one running in my entire life!

When our friends joined us we went to have something to eat, got back to the beach, stayed a bit on a playground and decided to change the area and move to Sellin, another summer resort, only a bigger one this time. It's well known for its 400-metre jetty and a very photogenic Bruckenhouse situated right on it. I have to say it was breathtaking. Again, we didn't do anything special. A walk down the jetty, trabant parade, ice-cream, and resting on the sand - that was our afternoon in Sellin.

And a bonus photo: sunset view from our appartment in Sassnitz.

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