Monday, April 24, 2017

Tuscany Day 6: Carrara and Viareggio

I already told you we hadn't had a tight schedule of this whole trip but Carrara was kind of a must for us. Radek saw "How it's made" on Carrara marble and he just had to go there and pass the knowledge on to Wojtek and me. I have to admit, Carrara is impressive. The amount of marble is so vast that it actually is visible from space (as a white patch of land). The mines can be visited and there are two ways to do it. One is by hiring a guide that would take you in a jeep and drive through the marble mountains. That must be awesome but not really children friendly :) We went for the second option where you hop on a little bus and go straight into the mountain where the marble is excavated from the inside. That was awesome too. I learned a lot about marble that day.

The tour around the mine takes around 30 minutes and it's really worth it. You get to know many interesting facts about marble and its production. For example I imagine that one would need a whole bunch of miners to dig out those blocks but it turns out that 3 for this whole facility is enough. And if you wonder what the price for the marble is, it takes as high as 100 000 EUR per block. But can be also lower, depending on the rock quality.

After visiting Carrara marble facility we went to Viareggio because the guide said it had a lovely beach. That was true. We had lunch and sat down on a beach for a while and then headed back to our place. This was our goodbye to the seaside.

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