Friday, April 21, 2017

Tuscany day 3: Livorno

The next day we wanted to visit the seaside and headed to Livorno, a lovely riviera place. It's well known for its beautiful mosaic promenade at the sea shore that I wanted to see. It really was very calming and the whole scenery reminded me a lot about a similar place in Zadar that we visited a couple of years ago. The similarity didn't derive from the mosaic, rather than from a mesmerising effect that the whole place created. There is something hypnotising about the sea and in places and time like that it's very apparent.

Livorno is also well known for its aquarium. I stayed outside with Kamila while Radek and Wojtek went in to explore the undersea world. We've seen a lot of aquariums already  (Stralsund, Orosei and some other that didn't make its way to this blog) and each time it's a beautiful experience. I just love nature.

From Livorno we decided to go on a hunt for a beautiful sand beach. We asked a local bar keeper where to go and she gave us directions but either we couldn't find it or her idea of a beautiful sand beach is different than ours. Nevertheless, I call it a good day.

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