Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Long May weekend: České hrady

On the next day of our journey we decided we had seen enough of Prague and it was time to move into the neighbourhood. And so we had a trip under the auspices of "České hrady" meaning Czech castles. Boy, there are so plenty of them! We decided to have a look at two that day.

First one was Křivoklát.

The castle inside was nothing special (we had had a bit enough of old architecture and tourist sightseeing) and we decided not to wait for a guided tour and to have a walk around instead. This was a good idea. Who would have thought that on long May weekend it can be so hot? It was better to profit from the sun rather than stay in the medieval walls.

We chose one of the paths, it took as an hour and something to complete it and gave us good opportunity to watch the castle from different angles and perspectives. We also came across a children's playground which made me particularly happy.

The next Hrad we visited was Karlštejn. Unfortunately, we were caught by rain so we didn't take many pictures of it so you have to believe me it was adorable too.

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