Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Long May weekend: Prague 2

Day two in Prague had a pretty rigid schedule. We started from Strahov monastery but our final destination were Hradczany - the famous complex of castles.

When we were done with Hradczany, we went to a viewing tower. There was a Labor Day fete, so a lot of people climbed up to the hill to celeberate the free day - there was music, entertainment and a lot of kids. The view from the tower was very nice (similar to the one from Hradczany, although a bit more broad because from higher altitude).

We stayed on the hill for quite some time enjoying the free day and fantastic weather. I felt really lazy (in a sense: peacefully lazy, not: tired lazy) and was a bit inconsolable when Radek told to move on. We finished the day in Franz Kafka museum.

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