Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mallorca, extasy and motion, oh oh oh

This month I had a marvellous occasion to travel on a business trip to Palma, Mallorca (how cool is that?). Well... What can I say? Everyone knows the song:

Mallorca, join the generation, oh oh oh  

That's Mallorca Mallorca, 
feel the good vibration, 
oh oh oh That's Mallorca
For an Eskimo like me, coming from the North, Mallorca indeed is the place of never-ending happiness. I regret not taking better camera with me, the quality of my pictures is rather poor, but still, shows the charm.

The name of Palma (the capital city of Mallorca) is pretty obvious for Poles (palma in polish is a palm tree)...

The organizers of the conference really made a good job and took us to a trip outside Palma, to see the outskirts attractions like a village of Valldemossa (where Fryderyk Chopin, a polish composer spent part of his life with his lover George Sand).

When the guided tour in Valldemossa was finished, we were taken back to Palma, to Bellver Castle (the first round castle in Europe) for a banquet (and more sightseeing).

The castle (as castles tend to be) is situated on the hill, so we had a really good glimpse on Palma in the sunset and then at night.

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