Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lysa Hora hiking (1323 m)

On Sunday we set off for a (longly awaited by me) ascend on Lysa Hora (Bold Mountain, 1323 m). We started our hike from Ostravice village and followed up a red trail up to the top. On our way up we could admire the pastel colours of the autumn intertwined with the green of the conifers.

The pace was very quick (we were guided by a marathon runner, so it was a real challenge to keep up with him), and after only 2 hours (8,5 km) we reached the summit. My first impression: "God, it's windy". My second impression: "God, it's beautiful".

 On our way back we took a milder but considerably longer route. At the end we passed by a fabulous, slightly dried up lake and a spectacular dame. At this point I was already "a bit" tired as shown in the picture. All in all we did more than 25 km.

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