Thursday, November 29, 2012

My cats - Introduction

Many people know me as a person who likes animals. I'm pretty sure some call me "a crazy cat lady". Although I never heard it myself, I think it would suit me and Radek very often says: "if it wasn't for me you would end up like a crazy cat lady". Well, fortunately I don't need to figure out how my life would look without my lovely husband, so we will never know.

Anyhow... At the moment I have four cats. Four is my upper limit (at least for the appartment I'm living in), so don't worry, the flock will not grow any more.

My first cat is Mamba. We took her at the very beginning of our relationship, so she has witnessed let's say 99% of  "la vie ensemble de Radek et Ania" (sounds like a title of some Comedy Central series). She was a kitten living wild in the gardens and was brought to us by my mom's colleague. Now she is almost 8 years old and we call her "a stationary cat" since she is very majestic and acts like she doesn't care about the earthly affairs of this existence (you should read it as "she doesn't give a fig about anything").

The next cat we got was Łatka (in translation: "Patch"). We got her 2 years after Mamba. She was found on the Internet (allegro) and taken in exchange for a bottle of home-made wine. Łatka is undoubtedly Radek's cat. She approaches him every time he has a free hand and demands to be caressed, stroked, petted, scratched etc. She purrs in content every time she is near to my husband. The only time she spends with me is at night (she lies down on my side of the bed - no wonder, Radek is too "active" before falling asleep, he always kicks, turns and God knows what else not leaving any peace for cats at his side).

The third cat we have has three names in use. The main one is Tripod but we also call him Monsieur or Dziabąg (because he bites). He was taken a year ago, when we moved to the bigger appartment. He is handicapped, since he has only three legs (it explains the choice of his first name). At the moment I would call him my favourite one. It's difficult to explain why - he has no special feature, maybe it's his tranquillity that I like?

And last but not least - Miaubels. We didn't plan a fourth cat, but 2 weeks after taking Tripod a lovely cat strayed in close to our place. We didn't take him at first, but after two or three rendezvous he won our hearts and we took him home. It was definitely the best cat ever, I doubt we will ever gonna have one like that. Unfortunately, he passed away after a couple of months. For me it was very difficult to go through that time and I was deeply touched by his death. So we took Miaubels to fill in the hole the previous cat left. It worked.
Miaubels is still a young cat and it shows. He is the liveliest we have ever had and sometimes he needs to be watched over like a child because he likes to frolic a lot. It's definitely his charm (although it requires a lot of petience). He likes people and often approaches us, only to be close.

So this it - our cats. Each of them is unique and I got used to all of them. They are like a family to us. I'm pretty sure that once in a while I'll post pictures of them, so stay tuned.

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