Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ostrava Tour - miniUni, Vitkovice, Viewing Tower

Saturday was a pretty busy day for us. We started by strolling around but soon a decision was taken considering the itinerary. And so the first pitstop was at Mini Uni - the museum of the miniatures.
I found the exhibition pretty educative and fun, especially when I could shout with content: "I've seen that in real". (Un)fortunately, most of the places are yet to be discovered by me.

 Can you recognise all of them? I couldn't.

 In case you wonder, the models were built at a 1:25 scale.

Ater miniUni we visited the Vitkovice area. The mood changed noticeably - from light fun to industrial awestruck. Why so? Vitkovice is now a graveyard of what used to be a manufactory power. From coal mining up to steel production - Vitkovice witnessed the whole fabrication chain.
I was thrilled by the magnitude of the place, as well as by the inevitable march of time. See yourself.

No wonder the place is on the list of  European Cultural Heritage.

When we finished a guided tour round the Vitkovice area, we headed to the city squere and the viewing tower (which is situated on top of the city hall). The tower is lightened in a lovely blue colour which made all of us look like Smurfs. I also noticed that my coat would look nicer in violet (somehow the pictures don't show the violet I got after mixing red coat with a blue light).

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