Sunday, July 7, 2013

Aiguille Verte (2045 m) and Lac de Lessy

This weekend I went for a hike to see Lac de Lessy situated in French Aravis mountains. Even before doing a first step, I knew it would be something special, because in order to get to the starting point I went by car through a marvelous pass situated at ~1700 m. Eventually, I started at 1350 m and ascended to 2050.
This is how my starting point looked like:

The route was rather mild in the beginning, I followed the trail which was well marked (I lost it only once and had to go past the field in order to get back on track). After a while I reached a viewpoint where most families with children stopped. It looked really nice, but it was only a prelude to what I was to encounter later.

I continued the trail side by side with a flock of goats hidden in a shade (it was a very hot day). I continued along the trail which led first through a hill-side and then through the ridge of the mountain with a spectacular view on the valley. The higher I got the more beautiful the view became. While on the ridge I was able to see both sides, Lac de Lessy on my left and valley and view on the Alps on my right.

In the last picture you can see Aiguille Verte ("green needle") on the left and Lac de Lessy on the right. Up to that point the route was a mild one, but the last 50 meters to reach the peak were much more difficult with last 10 meters I called a "Cursed Pass of Death". I read earlier in the net that the small passage between the two teeth of the mountain is a very dangerous one and the Internet was right this time. I didn't dare to cross the Cursed Path of Death. But the two peaks were situated just a couple of meters away, so although technically I didn't claim Aiguille Verte, practically I feel like I did.

To descend I took a short and very steep way down. Although it wasn't an official trail, a lot of people went that way and it saved a lot of time to me. All in all I made almost 8 km that day.

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