Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cirque du Fer à Cheval

Today I took my brother and his friend to see Fer-à-Cheval. It's a huge limestone amphitheater of mountains and waterfalls. There are a couple of routes to walk - we did the easiest one: an 8-km-circle in the valley (mostly flat). Even though at first the air clarity was not perfect and in July some of the waterfalls have already dried up - the view was magnificent and the walk very pleasurable. At some time we even dared to dip our feet in a cold brook - perhaps it sounds trivial but it was a real challenge with the water as cold as a couple degrees Celsius.

At some point we reached a huge waterfall splashing heavily just a couple of meters from us. It was immerse and gave us a really nice chill on a hot day. Bartek was a daredevil - he stepped into cold water to be closer but didn't make it long. The water was freezing and the air wave rather tremendous.

We reached the furthest point in the circle where we had to turn back and go at the other side of the stream. We sat down in a shadow and had some lunch and then we moved on down the route to see (and touch) the glaciers. That was pretty awesome, yet another point to cool down on a very hot day. Yep, that's snow by 32 dg. Celsius.

Then the path moved on mildly through the rest of the valley and later in the forests. It was a very pleasant walk and I'm sure I will do it again in spring when the waterfalls are even more prominent and plentiful.



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