Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trip to Annecy

This week we have guests - Radek's brother and his friend are visiting us. So for the weekend we set out to Annecy, a lovely village close to Geneva. There was Les Noctibules festival ongoing, although to be frank, we didn't benefit at all from that, because we didn's stay long enough to go and see the concerts.
Our first destination was Annecy beach. The place is situated on the shore of the Annecy lake, so with the recent heat waves we had to take advantage of that and refresh ourselves in a chilly water. We also passed by the Annecy cathedral where we parked our car, went pastAnnecy chateau and had a look over small but lovely marina.

Properly chilled by the water we went on to see the old town of Annecy. Narrow allays, colorful buildings, blooming bridges - that's the spirit of Annecy. The town is well known for its beauty and many people choose to live there over Geneva. We strolled a bit through the lovely passages, grabbed an ice cream and moved on to the promanade - yet another treat for tourists.

The promanade is situated along Lac Annecy shore and is simply beautiful. One can stroll slowly admiring the lake and water leisure activities with a perfect surrounding of mountains. The place is always full of life, winter or summer, and never stops to amaze.

We continued on down the promenade, to the less touristic place of Annecy and headed back to our car. It was still early so Radek decided to take our guests to Le Reculet (see another post).

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