Monday, August 19, 2013

Paris day 3: Pompidou, Panthéon, Cluny, Notre Dame, Batobus

Day three of Paris trip passed under the sign of museums. First on - Pompidou - museum of contemporary art. It was a very interesting experience for us - people rather down to earth. I cannot deny - we had some laugh, but all in all it made us think about art as such and I consider the time spent there as valuable and enjoyable.

After Pompidou we went to a cafe for some crêpes and milkshakes and then headed to Panthéon - earlier a church, now a mausoleum containing the remains of distinguished French citizens - Skłodowska - Curie being the most prominent one in my opinion.

Next we decided to go for dinner, but on our way to a restaurant quarter we saw a nice museum of Middle Ages - Cluny, so we decided to pass by. Since we were not planning to visit Louvre, it was a nice alternative - small and private in a sense, with only a few tourists.

After dining out we still had some powers left to do something downtown, so we decided to take a Batobus ride. Batobus is like a bus, except it's on water. Round trip around Paris takes 8 stops and lasts more than an hour. We thought it would be nice and not tiring way of seeing Paris from a different perspective. The stop was situated close to the Notre Dame cathedral, so first we had a look at its facades and took some photos.

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