Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pointe d'Andey (1 877 m)

Today I went for a brief hike in Plateau de Solaison. I chose this destination because I was intrigued by a Saint Marry statue on the top. Also, it was said to be a very fast and easy hike -exactly what I need. I started from Plateau de Solaison, already pretty high up, and followed a narrow and pretty steep footway staright to the top. There were no spectacular views on the way up, maybe except a lot of wildlife.

From the top there was a nice view on the valley with Bonnevillle (Prettytown) and the surrounding mountains. I stayed for quite some time there before descending, having a bite of a sandwich and enjoying mild breeze. It's a pity that the clarity of air was not perfect, because normally I could see the Alps far far away. Maybe the next time.

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