Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TenaciousD concert in Berlin

Twelfth of September I went to Berlin for a rock concert of a band called TenaciousD. This is my favorite still living band so I had waited for this moment for ages. Unfortunately I could't share this music experience with Ania because of her health issue ;-) but one of my best friends with whom I discovered TenaciusD joined me in Berlin and we went to concert together.

To summarize it was the greatest concert in the world.
Also because of flight schedule we had two days to enjoy and see Berlin. I have never liked Berlin because it is not enough "exotic" to me. Except small part of the city center it is like my home city - just bigger.

Two days is just perfect to see all important points of Berlin. Fortunately we had just perfect weather for sightseeing so we could walk all the time.

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