Saturday, April 5, 2014

FestiChoc in Versoix

"Land of cheese and chocolate" - that's what I call Switzerland. And it's true, these two goods are relished by Suisse citizens. One of its evidence is FestiChoc - the festival of chocolate that takes place in Versoix, close to our place. This year it was already a 10th edition! We couldn't miss it.
We started our walk by the Favarger chocolate factory. When I was here in 2010 and was lucky to get a ticket to visit it and see with my own eyes how  chocolate is manufactured. This year we skipped this attraction, it would be difficult to manouver through the machines with a pram :) We also didn't hop on a chocotrain - although I proposed we could have hop on our pram and catch the train from behind to have a free ride :)

The venue was really big. There were marry-go-rounds, face painting, a lot of buvets, chocolate sculpture exhibition and, last but not least, a huge tent full of chocolate makers showing, giving away and selling their chocolate.

We obviously had our treats too - do you think Radek could calmly go past a chocolate fountain? :)

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