Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fête de la Tulipe in Morges

Have you ever seen 120 000 tulips of 300 different kinds? We now have :) Fête de la Tulipe in Morges is an annual event attracting lots of people - and not without a reason. A local parc is turned into an ocean of colours and scents. It's truly spectacular - I never expected it to be so beautiful.
The whole event lasts for over than month and now was the best moment to go and visit the park as nearly all of the flowers were in full bloom composing a remarkable mosaic.

 (I know I look a bit odd in my warm coat on a day like that - that morning was rather grim, but when we went out in the afternoon it got sunny and I soon took the coat off).

I really liked the combination of tulips and the tranquility of the lake and the surrounding mountains. In fact, we decided not to limit ourselves to the park and wander down the footpath by the water, enjoying the sun, more tulips, chic swiss lakeside mansions, more tulips, yachts, more tulips and the shy which was awesome that day. Oh yes, I forgot the castle! Every little village around has a castle.

When we finished the promenade stroll, we came back to see the tulips again and take even more photos.

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