Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pointe de Miribel (1581 m)

Ladies and gentlemen - our first family hike. I really hope that my child(ren) will share my passion for mountains. A memory of my parents taking me on hiking trips is really a joyful one. For the moment it's a bit too early to say if Wojtek enjoyed the trip or not, nevertheless it was his first and we will remember it for long.
Obviously, for the first time we chose something very short and easy. In fact, we drove more to reach the starting point than we hiked :) Still, it was nice to go out and to have a walk in different surroundings, especially that nature has just woken up and we could admire different colours of flowers.

What was special about the route were the monuments erected along the way to the top and on the summit. The view was also nice - perhaps not the most spectacular (it was rather low-altitude hike) but still nice because we could see a 360-degree panorama. All in all I see this trip as a success and looking forward to the next ones with our bonhomme :)


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